Mayor, Frank Kuntz

I have observed Katherine Thomas and her family’s commitment to our children’s education firsthand ever since our daughters attended Washington Elementary together.  Katherine was a teacher’s best friend as a parent; as she volunteered in the classroom, was a room mother and field trip chaperone.  Katherine and her family are keenly aware of the positive benefits of education being key to advance a child’s development academically, physically and socially. Katherine brings a mothers’ concern for her child’s education, a nurse’s compassion for their health and safety and a taxpayers conscientiousness for the wise use of our taxes.  Katherine Thomas will bring common sense and academic excellence to our Wenatchee Schools. 


I strongly endorse her for Position 4 on the Board.

Former school board member of 20 years & Loan Consultant, Karen Norlin

I served on the Wenatchee School Board for 20 years.  I know what it takes to stand up for what is right, to make hard decisions and to collaborate with others.  I believe that Katherine Thomas brings those qualities  to the school board and I am very happy to endorse her for the Wenatchee School Board Position #4.   Please vote for Katherine.

Owners of Commercial Printing, Patti & Mike Tyrrell

We have known Katherine Thomas, our niece, her entire life. She takes after her grandmother, Elsie May Black, in many ways.  Katherine is intelligent, committed to her family and their education just like Elsie. Katherine's husband, Edmond and their daughter have attended Sage Hills Church since their move to Wenatchee.  Edmond is an employee of confluence Health.  Katherine has focused her energies on their daughter's education in the Wenatchee Schools. Katherine has been a volunteer at every level of the Wenatchee Schools.  She and Edmond have a vested interest in the success and academic excellence for every student in the Wenatchee School system.

Please vote for Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position Number 4

Owner of Collins' Fashions, State Delegate of WA State Republican Party, Marcy Collins

I have known Katherine Thomas for more than five years.  I have observed her frequently for the past year while she supported many conservative political candidates during the last election cycle.  Katherine is intelligent and very engaging on the current trends and issues.  She is genuinely concerned about about her daughter's education in the Wenatchee Schools where she has volunteered for the past 5 years.  I know Katherine Thomas will bring about positive change as a member of the school board.

Please vote for Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position

Number 4

Retired Teachers, Norm & Cheryl Armstrong

• Katherine shares local community values and is gifted with good judgment.
When schools were closed down this past year, Katherine responded with action to the long-term sequestering of students by forming a coop of neighborhood WHS students, who met together for daily distance learning, homework, and socializing.
• Katherine is a principled candidate who, when elected, will use wisdom to help set school policy, and prudence in determining use of taxpayer dollars. 
• As a gatekeeper, Katherine has knowledge of, and will be attentive to, what our children and youth will be taught in our local schools.
• In her duty as a representative to the parents of our community in support of students, Katherine brings solid common sense to the table.


We heartily support Katherine Thomas for School Board position #4.

Buell Hawkins,

Chelan County Commissioner for 8 years and retired owner/manager of Valley Tractor & Rentals.

I met one on one with Katherine Thomas. I found her views on local control of school board curriculum and parent responsibility to be closely aligned with my own. She has my support and endorsement.

Local Banker & Teacher, Rick & Diane Hallberg

We are two of Katherine Thomas' cousins.  We have known her most of her life.  We have watched her grow and develop as her mother and father were moving around the world during her father, Dick Black's military career. 


Katherine graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Nursing. She and her husband, Edmond Thomas, have many years of experience in the medical field in multiple states. Edmond Thomas works for Confluence Health locally while Katherine has spent precious years assisting in their daughter's education in the Wenatchee Schools; Washington Elementary, Orchard Middle School and now Wenatchee High School where she is a freshman.  Katherine and Edmond are very dedicated to their daughter's education and desire to have excellence in all aspects of the education provided in Wenatchee School system for all students.

Please vote for Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position Number 4.

President, Wenatchee Right to Life, Dr. Dale & Camille Peterson
Owner of Atwood Orchards, Myron and Judy Atwood

We have known Katherine Thomas for many years through Don and Elsie Black and their extended family.  Since Katherine and Edmond Thomas moved to Wenatchee, we have had extensive contact with them in many venues.  Katherine and Edmond are supporters of the Wenatchee Right to Life organization and its goals. 


We support Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position Number 4

I have known Katherine Thomas' father, Dick Black, for over 70 years.  I attended the Wenatchee Schools from Kindergarten at Mission View Elementary, Pioneer and Wenatchee High School with Dick before he went to West Point and started his military career. I have known Katherine Thomas during her Dad and Mom's military and teaching career.  Katherine shares the family love of Wenatchee and wants the best school system for their daughter, a Wenatchee High School Freshman.

We support Katherine Thomas for School Board Position Number 4

Former Washington State Representative and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ruth and Clyde Ballard

Ruth and I have known the Don and Elsie Black family for over two generations here in Wenatchee. Katherine May Thomas, their granddaughter, shares the same faith in Jesus that her grandparents, Don and Elsie, had and exemplified their entire life and attendance at the Sage Hills church.   Katherine May Thomas exhibits the same love of education as her grandmother, Elsie, as a room mother and playground supervisor in Mission View Elementary School where Don and Elsie’s children attended.  Katherine May has performed similarly at Washington Elementary, Orchard Middle and now at Wenatchee High School. 


We strongly endorse Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position Number 4.

Retired Wenatchee Valley College Executive Dean/Acting President and Wenatchee High School teacher, Jerry and Berta Merrill

We have known Don and Elsie Black, Katherine May Thomas’ grandparents, for more than 50 years while attending the Sage Hills Church.   Jerry taught Katherine's father, Dick Black, at Wenatchee high school before his appointment to West Point and his distinguished military career.   Katherine Thomas’ daughter has attended Washington Elementary, Orchard Middle and is now a freshman at Wenatchee High School.   Katherine has served as room mother, field trip chaperone, and fundraising leader for the band program.  Katherine continues the Black family legacy of concern for their children in Wenatchee schools and a commitment to excellence for their education.


Please vote for Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position Number 4.

Former Chelan County Commissioner (4 terms for 16 years) and retired Dental Hygienist, Ron and Deb Walter

We have known Katherine Thomas for several years. Our grandson has been friends with Katherine's daughter since attending Washington Elementary. We have witnessed the dedication to her daughter's education. Katherine has a tribe of kids with her most of the time and provides a safe place for many children to gather. Katherine is a huge support to many children. We know what it takes to lead with integrity and Katherine will do very well if elected.


We strongly endorse Katherine Thomas for Wenatchee School Board Position #4.

Washington State Farm Bureau

Greetings Katherine,


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of issues vital to Washington agriculture and your desire to lead on these issues on the Wenatchee School Board.


Washington Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization, representing the economic and social interests of more than 47,000 member families.  Our chief aim is ensuring our family farms continue to feed the world. We hope you will continue to play a significant role in helping us do so.


It is our pleasure to share that the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC has endorsed you in the General Election this year. We hope this endorsement will help your campaign be successful.


We will be sharing our endorsements through social media, print publications, as well as through electronic mail.


Thanks again for your willingness to serve the citizens of this state.


Best Regards,


John Stuhlmiller

Chief Executive Officer

Washington Small Business Council & Building North Central Washington

Dear Katherine,


The Washington Small Business Council (WSBC) - Building North Central Washington's Political Action committee has voted to endorse your candidacy for the Wenatchee School Board.  After reviewing your campaign material along with Q&A's you had answered with the Wenatchee World and Chamber of Commerce, we felt we had sufficient information to recommend you to our membership for endorsement. 


Building North Central Washington (BNCW) and our member companies are passionate about protecting private property rights, encouraging sound economic development, as well as ensuring that the communities throughout Chelan County remain vibrant, strong and the equality of life we all value is protected. 


BNCW recognizes that having excellent, effective leadership at the school board level plays in Integra and important role in helping to ensure that our values and desired outcomes are realized and that our children continue to have quality education,


 Katherine, the WSBC and BNCW believe that you are the best candidate for this exceptional responsibility. We are proud to endorse your campaign and invite you to utilize our organization's endorsement of your candidacy as your campaign sees fit. We also offer a space for one of your signs at our office location. We look forward to your election, and to your service! 


Most sincerely,


 Jim Blair IV, President 

Washington Small Business Council