Katherine Thomas

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My name is Katherine Thomas, and I am running for the Wenatchee School District Board (position #4).


My family has been in Wenatchee since 1934. My parents met while attending Wenatchee schools and have been together ever since meeting at Pioneer Middle school in 1958.


I am a product of multiple education systems having grown up with my father in the military. I graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and have spent my career in various intensive care units and the operating room. Now, my husband and I have a daughter attending Wenatchee High School. I am running for the school board because I want all Wenatchee children, including our own child, to receive a better education in a better cultural environment than they now receive.


School board members are representatives of the parents of their school district.  They work for the parents of the Wenatchee School District and should make decisions that improve the educational process, administration and curriculum content. 

School board members should reflect the culture of Wenatchee as voiced by the people in the school district, not as voiced in Olympia or Washington D.C.  I will fight against federal and state overreach that negatively targets our students, teachers and the convictions of our community.

I will strive for excellence in our schools whether a student is on track for a four-year college degree or a professional trade.  Our students should have access to exceptional teachers with outstanding skills in an environment that is healthy, safe and secure.

These goals can be achieved while using the taxpayers' money allocated fairly and responsibly without an undue burden.